To William Godwin, Author of 'Political justice'
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Morning Chronicle, January 1795

O form'd t' illume a sunless world forlorn,
    As o'er the chill and dusky brow of Night,
    In Finland's wintry skies the Mimic Morn
Electric pours a stream of rosy light,

Pleas'd I have mark'd OPPRESSION, terror-pale,
    Since, thro' the windings of her dark machine,
    Thy steady eye has shot its glances keen --
And bade th' All-lovely ''scenes at distance hail''.

Nor will I not thy holy guidance bless,
    And hymn thee, GODWIN! with an ardent lay;
    For that thy voice, in Passion's stormy day,
When wild I roam'd the bleak Heath of Distress,

Bade the bright form of Justice meet my way --
And told me that her name was HAPPINESS.

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