Pleasure is our first and kindred good. It is the starting-point of every choice and of every aversion, and to it we come back, inasmuch as we make feeling the rule by which to judge of every good thing.

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January 16, 2005
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Writings by Epicurus
[books / book excerpts]
·  Principal Doctrines.
·  Vatican Sayings.
·  To Herodotus.
·  To Idomeneus.
·  To Menoeceus.
·  To Pythocles.
·  Last Will.

Writings about Epicurus
[dictionary / encyclopaedia entries]
·  Epicureanism. Catholic Encyclopedia.
·  Epicurus. The Columbia Encyclopedia.
·  Epicurus. Encyclopædia Britannica (1911).
·  Epicurus. Free Online Dictionary of Philosophy.
·  Epicurus. The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
·  Epicurus. The Penguin Dictionary of Philosophy.
·  Epicurus. Wikipedia.
[other writings]
·  The Epicurean. By David Hume. 1742.
·  The Difference Between the Democritean and Epicurean Philosophy of Nature. By Karl Marx. 1841.

General websites
·  Epicurus & Epicurean Philosophy.

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